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Digital Skills Award

W imieniu Szerokiego Porozumienia na rzecz Umiejętności Cyfrowych przesyłam informacje o trwającym konkursie pod hasłem Digital Skills Award. Zachęcam do zgłaszania swoich projektów i inicjatyw do konkursu!

As announced during our last monthly meeting, the new edition of the European Digital Skills Awards is now open for applications!  We would love to have your support in giving maximum visibility to the awards at national and local level, and therefore we would like to invite you to disseminate the news of the Awards and to invite your national network members to apply with their projects and initiatives.

To give you a quick overview of the Awards, here are some elements.

The Awards are divided in 5 categories:

  • Empowering Youth in Digital (i.e. projects to attract the younger public to ICT professions, media literacy initiatives for the younger public, emerging technologies courses for the younger public, hackathons etc)  
  • Digital Upskilling @ Work (i.e. digital upskilling and reskilling initiatives in various sectors, facilitation of job placement of ICT professionals of all levels)  
  • Digital Skills for Education (i.eprojects specifically aimed at digital upskilling for teachers and/or students and school administrations)  
  • Inclusion in the Digital World (i.edigital training and media literacy initiatives for the elderly, unemployed, vulnerable groups, accessibility)  
  • Women in ICT Careers (i.eprojects specifically aimed at increasing the number of women ICT professionals or for the digital upskilling of women in the workforce or younger women in ICT)  

Applications are open from 20 February to 8 April 2023. All types of organizations, public, private, academic, research and/or training centres, schools, SMEs or Large Corporates, EU funded projects consortia, public administrations, NGOs, and citizen initiatives who are running or have completed a project or initiative to support the adoption of digital skills in one of the 5 categories of the awards, are welcome to apply. 

For more information on who can apply and how, please visit the dedicated page on the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform’s website. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform Team at the email address info@digitalskillsjobs.eu

Here you will find a Press Kit with official visuals and some short instructions, examples of Social Media posts for the launch – European Digital Skills Awards 2023 NC Press Kit.

While the visuals are the official ones, and cannot be modified, the content you write for the promotion can be adapted freely for your purposes. A Press Release is also available in the same folder, should you need it to further disseminate the Awards in your local press.

If you do have some national or local press around the EDSA23, please let us know so we can further share your national content, and do not forget to tag @DigitalSkillsEU in your Social Media content.

We are looking forward to seeing all your local projects! 

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